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The new LME Ring - time lapse

From empty shell to fully functioning trading floor in less than 40 seconds!

Futures and options image

What are LME futures and options?

Find out more about how the LME's futures and options contracts work in part one of this video series.

LME Shield

Introduction to LMEshield

LMEshield is the central electronic register for the efficient and secure creation and transfer of off-warrant warehouse receipts.


LMEshield functionality

Find out about the system’s capabilities, security and ease of access.


How does LMEshield benefit financial institutions?

If you're a financial institution, commodity owner or physical commodities trader, then fund out how LMEshield could benefit you.

LMEshield webinar

Metal Bulletin Webinar

Listen again to the webinar we hosted with Metal Bulletin looking at the issues surrounding financing of off-warrant commodities.

What's in a price

What's in a price?

Learn more about what makes up LME prices in part three of this video series.

Warehousing image

Why is warehousing and branding important?

Learn more about how the LME links to the physical industry in part four of our video series.

 Trading on the LME video

Trading on the LME

Learn more about trading on the LME in part five of our video series.

 Introduction to LME video

Introducing the LME

An insight into the vital and dynamic operations of the London Metal Exchange.

LME steel video case study

Case study: managing price risk

Hear how a leading scrap metal recycling company uses the LME to manage market uncertainty.

Hedging image

What is hedging?

Get to grips with hedging and how it works on the LME in part two of this video series.