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LMEprecious news and events

Find out below where the LMEprecious team will be around the world, and the latest news and notices for LMEprecious. The team may be available for meetings in each of the cities they are visiting, so please get in touch if you'd like to find out more about LMEprecious.

Where can you meet the LME Team?

15-18 May 2017
London Platinum Week
London, UK

9-10 May 2017
LME Week Asia
Hong Kong

21-22 March 2017
LME US Roadshow
Chicago and New York, USA

20-28 March 2017
Meetings in East Coast US

14-17 March 2017
FIA Boca 2017
Florida, USA

12 February 2017
Global Commodity Outlook Conference IV 2017

Dubai, UAE

Latest News

24 April 2017
Notice 17/142: LME Development Programme Update
A change to the LME's Q2 development programme timetable and launch of LMEprecious.

2 March 2017
Press release: LME announces fee schedule and latest clearing members for LMEprecious
The London Metal Exchange (LME) and LME Clear are pleased to announce a competitive fee schedule for their precious metals contracts, with nine LME clearing members having already expressed their intention to trade and clear the contracts.

2 March 2017
LME Notice 17/074 - LMEprecious trading and clearing fees
This notice and its accompanying appendix sets out the LMEprecious trading and clearing fee schedule, effective from 5 June 2017.

3 February 2017
LME Notice 17/048 - Technical LME and LME Clear development programme
This notice sets out the development programme go-live timetable for the upgrade of LME systems including LMEselect and LMEsmart, which will support the launch of LMEprecious.

9 August 2016
World Gold Council, LME and key market participants to launch LMEprecious
Press release: The London Metal Exchange, World Gold Council and a group of leading industry players announce the creation of LMEprecious - an exciting new initiative to deliver London gold and silver futures contracts.