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The Exchange publishes volume reports on a daily, monthly and annual basis. The reports provide an overview on the number of lots traded on the LME by metal and contract type.

Daily trading volumes for previous years are available for purchase.

Monthly volumes

Monthly reports are published within the first seven business days each month. You can download these reports in Excel format or view a summary on the LME Free Data Service.

Sizes of lots: Aluminium alloy and NASAAC - 20 tonnes, primary nickel - 6 tonnes, tin - 5 tonnes. Copper, aluminium and zinc 25 tonnes. Polypropylene and Linear Low Density Polyethylene 24.75 tonnes. LMEmini Copper, aluminium and zinc - 5 tonnes, Steel - 65 tonnes.

LME Plastics contracts including LL Global, LA Asia, LE Europe, LN North America, PP Global, PA Asia, PE Europe and PN North America ceased trading on 28 April 2011.

Steel - Mediterranean and Steel - Far East were merged into a consolidated futures contract called Steel Billet effective from 28 July 2010. The LME Steel Billet contract ceased trading on 10 April 2017.

Neither the LME nor any of its directors, officers or employees shall, except in the case of fraud and wilful neglect, be under any liability whatsoever either in contract or in tort in respect of any act or omission (including negligence) in relation to the preparation or publication of the data contained in the report.

Note: This data is supplied 'as is' including any errors or omissions.