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2016 Asia Metals Seminar

As the largest commodity event in Hong Kong, the 2016 Metal Seminar Asia attracted over 800 delegates representing the global metals industry.

The programme was packed full of industry experts discussing key tends, challenges and opportunities for the market.

The highlights included:

  • Opening remarks from John Tsang, the Financial Secretary of the Hong Kong SAR government
  • Charles Li, HKEX Chief Executive keynote; discussing the gap between the huge amount of savings in Mainland China and appropriate investment vehicles
  • LME Chief Executive, Garry Jones, sharing price formation and price taking mechanism in a global framework
  • The Macro Economic Outlook by HKEX Chief China Economist, Dr Ba Shusong
  • Mainland metals and commodities experts discussing suggestions to HKEX’s Qianhai platform in a live panel.

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LME Week Asia 2016

LME Week Asia

LME Week Asia

LME Week Asia 2016