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E D & F Man Capital Markets Limited

E D & F Man Capital Markets Limited ('MCM') is an FSA regulated company which is fully owned by the E D & F MAN GROUP.

ED&F Man Capital Markets is a derivatives broker providing execution & clearing for Futures, Options, FX, CFDs, OTC, Fixed Income and Equities on global exchanges. 

Online access is provided to LMEselect and most other global exchanges.

MCM offers a tailor-made service comprising of execution and clearing, fundamental and technical analysis, hedging and risk analysis and up-to-the minute news alerts and dissemination.

MCM's head office is located in London; it also has offices in New York and Chicago. The company is a ring dealing member of the LME and also holds memberships on LCH Clearnet, NYSE Euronext (LIFFE), NOS Clearing ASA, The Baltic Exchange, Eurex, Nymex, Comex, CBOT and the CME

LME Ring Dealing
Desk:  +44 (0) 20 7089 8575

LME Online
Sales:  +44 (0) 20 3580 7500

US LME Sales
Desk:  +1 212 844 3683

Asia LME (亚洲LME金属交易台)
Desk:  +44 20 3580 7640