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TMT Metals AG

TMT Metals AG is a Swiss based metals merchant managed by its owener. By aligning itself with key relationships in the global supply chain supported by strong risk management, TMT has established itself as a significant player in physical trading. As a multi strategy commodities company, the firm services its clients through vertical integration backed by value added product ingenuity, with a derivatives overlay.

TMT Metals specializes in the purchase and selling of base metals, minor metals and ferro-alloys. Copper, Tin and Aluminium are core metals. It can execute in both principal and agent capacity.

TMT Metals AG
Baarerstrasse 53
6300 Zug, Switzerland
Tel: +41 41 544 2801
Fax: +41 41 544 2669

TMT Metals (UK) Ltd.
17c Curson Street
London, United Kingdom, W1J 5HU
Tel: +44 203 471 2060
Fax: +44 203 163 1808

TMT Metals (India)
New Delhi
Tel: +91 783 858 4477
Fax: +91 114 144 8064