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LMEselect market data

A comprehensive set of trading data from our electronic trading platform, LMEselect, is available via licenced market data distributors.

Data includes:

Tick and post trade data

Bid/ask and traded prices and volumes are transmitted for all trading on LMEselect. Trading on LMEselect is auto matchedcleared and transmitted in real-time to data distributors.

Open high low close (OHLC)

Each trading day at 19.00 UK time, the OHLC from LMEselect is published for the 3 month prompt date (provided the contract has traded on the particular business day).

Order book

The five best bids/offers and volume for each contract is transmitted from LMEselect showing the market depth of trading.

Other market data

Data from LMEselect is just one part of the price and trading report data available from the LME.