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Ring trading data

Futures prices from the Ring

Market users can access a wide range of price data directly from the LME's open outcry trading floor via our network of licensed data distributors.

Data includes:

Ring trading

  • Separate bid, ask and trade prices for all futures contracts quoted outright, spread or average
  • Highest bid and lowest offer prices for futures 3 month prompt dates following each ring and kerb trading session

Daily Official and Unofficial Prices

  • Daily official cash, 3 month, 15 month, 27 month, DEC1, DEC2, DEC3 prompt date prices (where applicable) for metal futures contracts following the second morning Ring trading session
  • Daily official FX rates following the second morning Ring trading session
  • Daily moving monthly average FX rates
  • Daily unofficial prices for all contracts traded on the Ring following the second afternoon Ring trading session
  • Daily official index value.