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The LME’s market data dissemination platform, LMEselectMD, became operational on the 29th July 2013.

The LME's Real Time Market Data feed (LMEselectMD) provides detailed, real-time, historic and summary reports of trading activity within LME for external data vendors and market participants.

The system is supported on a 24x5 basis and is fundamental to the operation of the LME and the market.

Click here for LMEselectMD FAQs.


New LME Market Data Platform

LMEselectMD will be replaced by the LME’s new multicast market data platform which is currently under development. Please find below a high level summary of the new LME market data platform’s features and timelines, as well as the technical specifications for phase 1 of the project. To be kept aware of project developments, timelines and for further information please contact

Click here for new LME market data platform technical specification

Click here for new LME market data platform summary