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A set of robust systems and technologies underpin trading at the LME and provide security to those trading on our market. 


Allows our members (categories 1 - 4) to trade with each other electronically and takes advantage of straight-through-processing efficiencies.

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Our new electronic warehouse receipt system provides a reliable, secure register for global commodities which are stored off-warrant.

Introducing LMEshield


Matches and registers trades made on the Exchange. This starts the clearing process.

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Creates and manages warrants for LME contracts that are physically settled, and for LME metals that are held on warrant in LME approved warehouses.

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Reports derivatives transactions to a registered trade repository.

Introducing LMEwire

Other Systems

These support the main systems and make trading possible.

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Do you work for a member or data distributor? 

Stakeholders can gain access to more information on LME systems and projects.